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An Eye for Captivating Videos

Good Eye Productions is an award-winning video production company specializing in cinematic wedding films, event coverage, real estate, corporate, & commercial video. We'll work with you to create the content that represents you, your brand, or your business.

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Trust the Process.

As a former sports /news anchor, I was always looking to be on-camera, but my passion always leaned more towards the behind the scenes camera work and putting together a quality production.

I quickly developed a passion shooting weddings. These events require hard work and long hours but I enjoy every second of each ceremony knowing that the finished product will make people laugh, cry, smile and then probably cry again as they relive every moment of their special day and see things they may not have noticed in the moment. 

My productions include much more than just weddings. I have produced content for both corporate and commercial use. 

As an FAA-certified drone pilot, I enjoy capture aerial video and photos to help bring videos to the next level. 

Our Clients

An eye for captivating videos.

"It me." - Gritty

Johnny Mehler
Owner/Lead Videographer
Editor/Treat Manager

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Good Eye Productions, LLC

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South Portland, Maine


We will schedule a consultation call to learn more about your brand, business, or event. Our pre-production process also includes location scouting prior to filming. Need help developing scripts? We have plenty of experience with that. 


This is the fun part! We will set up the proper equipment to ensure quality lighting and sound. As a licensed drone pilot, we can add high-quality aerial video to your product! Relax and have fun, we've got it from here!


We'll edit your video to the desired length, adding music and graphics where necessary. After reviewing your video, you'll receive the final product ready to be posted for everyone to see! 

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